Dayton Wire - Wire wheels rusted in 9 month's-no help!

Pontiac, Michigan 0 comments

$1100.00 for 4 wire wheels. In 10 months rusted beyond belief.

Dayton Wire says"send them back we'll LOOK at them. After 8 e'mails they said the car wash is responsible!

To dismantle thewheels, put car on blocks, w/out transportation, freight both way's and with a NON_COPERATIVE

psuedo "WARRENTY PROGRAM" the cost to me would be beyond the purchase price!

Dayton Wire Wheels are HIDING behind theor 'WARRENTY' program.

I sent photo's they were AGAST and said no way would their wheels be in this condition in 9 month's.

With the photo's in their hands, their comment's, a GOOD company would send a rep to investigate! not so!

Review about: Wire Wheels.

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